We are an organisation that believes in and practices the relentless pursuit of world class standards in the quality of education and students’ personal development. We have grown and developed leaders in all parts of our organisation, aligned to achieve our educational purpose and wider strategic ambitions.

The concept of quality lies at the heart of what we do, whether it is curriculum development, pedagogy, student welfare systems or data management. We have developed renowned expertise in the delivery of British, Arabic and American curricula, demonstrated through our quality of provision and excellent outcomes. We have achieved a suite of prestigious international accreditations that demonstrate the quality and impact of our leadership in world class education.


Inspire through purposeful
learning generations to come

Bring inspiration and innovation
into the life of every student

Brighten the world through the gift
of imparting authentic knowledge


The pursuit of knowledge is the foundation of our curriculum and defines the quality of our educational provision. We employ high quality and well-trained staff who are subject experts, able to convey the passion for knowledge in their professional field successfully.

RSI students build their subject knowledge sequentially, knowing this is a lifelong journey that results in great personal satisfaction. Nowhere is this more evident than at the School of Research Science, Dubai. SRS Dubai epitomises the RSI passion for seeking and generating authentic knowledge. Indeed, the whole organisational structure is based on the relentless pursuit of this noble aim.


We align our organisational effort to create a generation of students who are determined to pursue their noble ambitions.

very student in our organisation has great opportunities to achieve both academic and personal success, for example through taking part in the Arabic Reading Challenge or the RSI International Art Competition. Projects such as these help to define who you are as an individual but being at the same time a highly valued family member of the RSI. We work with students to enhance their motivation to become the best version of themselves by pursuing high aspirations and strategic goals.


Nothing of value comes without hard work and perseverance. Students at RSI schools work hard to build on their previous learning and improve their understanding of the world. Adding new knowledge to previous knowledge and improvingunderstanding is not possible without developing the basic skill of reading.

The Reading Train project and the National Reading Programme build students’ stamina for reading and hence enable deeper access to the overall curriculum. From the design of the buildings, the curriculum, teaching and the classroom environment, our focus is on developing the stamina to learn. This, above all else, is critical for achieving academic and personal success.


The RSI School Improvement project supports school leaders to implement high quality systems that help to create and sustain high standards in the quality of education.

We set the bar high, pursuing world class standards in all aspects of our work.
The concept of quality lies at the heart of all RSI programmes and initiatives.


SRS Dubai is the key ‘hub’ of the RSI educational enterprise On the back of this huge ‘brand success’ we are expanding rapidly, for instance through the Egypt Schools Project. We have acquired 39 additional public and private schools across several different regions in Egypt.

We continue to expand in accordance with our commitment to deliver a world class education in the context of a robust school improvement model.


A career in the RSI means the opportunity to develop and utilise expertise, potentially across a wide area. Our professional development pathways enable staff to stay up-to-date with the latest educational developments and to become more effective practitioners.

We have many professional opportunities for staff based on career stage and personal ambition. The High Performance Learning Programme enables staff to develop expertise in the delivery of evidence informed pedagogical strategies.The RSI educational infrastructure lends itself well to developing the wider expertise of staff.