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National Reading Programme

RSI continued in its mission in the adoption of reading projects, with a significant development in vision and methods, and the ‘National Reading Project’ in Egypt was launched following intensive meetings between RSI, Dubai and Cairo in December 2019. The NRP expanded the reading projects to university students and institutions whose role is to support and stimulate reading within their community. The initiative now covers more than 50,000 schools, institutes and universities, and includes nearly 25 million students, teachers and instructors.

Research Science
Institute ART award

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RSI ART award

Language is known as the finest human art of all time, and learning the arts has a mutual influence within the human mind. RSI chose the art of drawing in fonts and colors to be incorporated into the reading project. Art in general refreshes the soul, refines the conscience and purifies the mind. RSI opened a door to the well-known art of drawing words.RSI aspires to connect the reader, image and the word as a form of creativity. The emphasis is on the phrase ‘Egypt in the Colours of Knowledge’

School Science
of Research

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School Science
of Research

All students, regardless of background or ability, are provided with work that engages them, challenges them, excites them, and motivates them to achieve their goals as a result of the School Science of Research approach to curriculum development. The philosophy and framework of High Performance Learning serves as the foundation for our entire school culture at the School of Research Science. This means that we truly believe that every student has the potential to be a high achiever, and we make every effort to ensure that all of our students reach their full potential.

Early Learning

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Early Learning

Each kid’s future is heavily influenced by the first few years of his or her existence, and reading is the most critical skill that every youngster should be able to acquire. In kindergarten, kids are introduced to reading, and the curriculum has undergone successful revisions, including the addition of assistance for online programmes that thrill youngsters and promote their enthusiasm for learning and creativity. Furthermore, language has been related to the essential principles of society as well as the growth of disciplines such as Islamic education, science, mathematics, and social education, to name a few.

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