The Research Science Institute is a renowned leader in the establishment and management of High-quality schools and educational projects in different phases (Nursery, kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary phases). Our remit is comprehensive, encompassing Arab curriculum schools and those institutions providing a bespoke international curriculum and a wide range of related commercial projects, including back-office functions in education such as human resource management, catering and transport.

RSI provides professional consultation and support for:

The development of innovative school buildings, which meets the needs of all children, delivered through the expertise of a specialised department for school design and infrastructure.
A range of educational and academic consultations to private and governmental institutions.
Logistical, non-academic support services to educational institutions, such as catering, Transportation, and cleaning.
Training and development of para-professionals in education, for example, school support staff, both academic and welfare.

Research Science Institute

A wide range of educational and academic projects;
Designs, develops and undertakes research related to a wide range of educational and academic fields.

RSI provides quality school improvement services aimed at improving the quality of education and students’ personal development. We have a strong track record in bringing about sustained academic improvement in our SRS project through deploying, growing and nurturing staff of a high calibre who are able to share their expertise. Equally, we have expertise in the field of governance which we are able to share with other corporate providers.

Najla Al Shamsi

Empowering the generations with what we aspire for them requires the professionals in the educational field to continue working together in order to make the opportunity for progress a reality. That is because the Sunna requires the realization of the vision. If one believes in it and is devoted to it, then whoever works on it will achieve it.

We must dream without being constrained by reality, without any obstacle standing in front of us, and without being burdened by the negligence of others on the way to progress.

The achievement of great outcomes is due to the continuous positive collaboration between the different components of society when they share responsibility. This is supported by the belief that there is no alternative to achievement but to be the one to lead on it.

The firm belief of the Research Science Institute is that the prestige and majesty of nations is created by peoples when they decide to stand as an impenetrable bulwark in the face of ignorance.

What has been achieved with our partners heralds the beginnings of the realization of our vision. It is recognised as the beginnings of success in which the leadership of on-going achievement continues for our children for generations to come.


Najla Al Shamsi
We all agree that enabling generations to have a more secure, prosperous, and successful future requires us to work as educational leaders, side by side with the political leaders of our countries, and with a generous, loyal and dedicated group of educators and administrators within a comprehensive knowledge society, working as teachers. After the experience of joint work with our brothers from the Arab countries,we realise the fact that the reality, no matter how difficult it is, can be developed when we make a collective decision to work on improving it. We must start with the generations that have accomplished more than we have accomplished and generations that have known the will beyond what was known before. Towards reading, and a cognitive par excellence movement towards the adventure of the challenge that only the brave with the insistence of boys and girls will be able to master strongly the tools of competitiveness.  

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