The Research Science Institute is a renowned leader in the establishment and management of:

High quality schools and educational projects in different phases (Nursery, kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary phases). Our remit is comprehensive, encompassing Arab curriculum schools and those institutions providing a bespoke international curriculum;

A wide range of related commercial projects, including back office functions in education such as human resource management, catering and transport.

RSI provides professional consultation and support for:

The development of innovative school buildings, which meets the needs of all children, delivered through the expertise of a specialised department for school design and infrastructure;

A range of educational and academic consultations to private and governmental institutions;

Vocational training aimed at raising the professional competencies of workers in their specialist practice;

Logistical, non-academic support services to educational institutions, such as catering,

Transportation, and cleaning;

Training and development of para-professionals in education, for example school support staff, both academic and welfare.

RSI develops:

A wide range of educational and academic projects;

Designs, develops and undertakes research related to a wide range of educational and academic fields.

RSI provides quality school improvement services aimed at improving the quality of education and students’ personal development. We have a strong track record in bringing about sustained academic improvement in our SRS project through deploying, growing and nurturing staff of a high calibre who are able to share their expertise. Equally, we have expertise in the field of governance which we are able to share with other corporate providers.